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Diis Services

Diis creates solutions for new and existing companies to grow in every way. Diis creativity will help you innovate and raise your brand.

We are experts in Diis:


Creative Studio Process:

01. Approach:

Meet and greet.

02. Make an Acquaintance:

Deep analysis, answer specific questions & get to know your needs as we begin to engage with your company.

03. Research & Concept

Selection of ideas and development of visual communication, mood-board and concept.

04. Design

Diis creates a proposal to start the production based on your specific needs.

05. Delivery

Diis brings your branding online just as you’ve always imagined it.

06. Diis 360

Diis walks you throughout your journey, step by step, to make sure everything goes as expected.

360º Inbound Marketing Process:

01. Approach:

Meet and greet.

02. Brief:

Diis collects data by asking questions to get to know your brand.

03. Research, Concept and Strategy:

Diis show begins: Benchmark, mood board and concept.

04. Design:

Diis creates a custom proposal based on your needs and objectives.

05. Delivery:

Diis delivers the content with flawless execution, but we don’t stop here.

06. Look Around:

Diis will supervise the entire project, from start to finish.

Brand & Strategy Process:

01. Approach:

Meet and greet.

02. Brief:

We collect data by asking questions to get to know your brand.

03. Brand Analysis:

We identify the values, tone and personality of your brand to strategically position it in the market.

04. Objetives

Diis strategically positions helps with brand awareness, sales, recruitment of new customers and loyalty of current customers.

05. Strategies

Diis develops digital strategies through the methodology of Inbound Marketing that encompass 360 campaigns that unifies your sales channels.

06. KPIs / Mediation:

Diis monitors results by means of measurement systems with indicators that allow optimum control of the proposed objectives.

07. Contingency:

Diis creates an action plan to make sure goals are met.

Social Media Strategy Process:

01. Product or Service Research:

Research consists on identifying benefits, analyzing page content, and developing an extensive digital and social media benchmark.

02. Brainstorming:

It’s all about getting great and creative ideas for new and interesting content and subjects to publish for your “buyer persona”

03. Content Strategy

We define which are the most convenient and strategic keywords for your brand, CTA’s, content, and visuals to share.

04. Publishing:

Content is broadcasted according to your brand’s needs. It can be distributed throughout different channels such as a blog, social media, and even newsletters.

05. Report and Refine:

Analyze visits, engagement, and the conversion rate in order to learn what’s best for your brand.

06. Look Around:

Like a mother to a son, Diis supervises your entire project.

Film Studio Process:

01. Brief:

Diis collects data by asking questions to meet the brand.

02. Research, Conceptand Strategy:

Diis show begins: Benchmark, Moodboard and Concept.
Consultation, planning, scripting and storyboard.

03. Production:

Filming, recording and designing.

04. Post-Production:

Editing, narrating and revising.

05. Completion

Delivery, conversion and distribution.

Digital Innovation Process:

01. Planning:

Collect data from clients and set expectations in order to develop an extensive benchmark.

02. Design:

Make a blast design proposal pairing it with a great costumer experience.

03. New Prospects:

Generate leads through attractive forms that help convert more customers and build a client database.

04. Track Opportunities:

By providing personalized information, segmentation is created and leads are nurtured in order to increase your sales.

On-field Investigation Process:

01. Objectives and Focus:

Diis creates goals and objetives.

02. Data Collection (Quantitative & Qualitative):

Surveying, face-to-face interviews, and direct observation.

03. Benchmark Analysis:

By combining different methodologies and using our different discipline experts, we provide a deep analysis that will allow you to further understand your target audience.

04. Pattern Findings:

You will be amazed by the unexpected findings.

05. Reporting:

Conclusions are drawn, and a strategy is now ready to be implemented.

POP Marketing Process:

01. Market Research and Analysis:

We apply our know-how and experience with materials, point-of-purchase best working strategies and product design to come up with the perfect campaign for your product.

02. Strategy:

Diis works on a special proposal for you, the POP strategy and renders. We show you the best options that meet your goals: materials, price, concept and design.

03. Design, render & prototype:

Diis integrates a strategy into a functional and attractive visual concept.
Once you are happy with a render, we create the prototype and test the product on field.

04. Production:

Diis is where parts are assembled and the last adjustments are made.

05. Distribution:

We take care of distributing it. Logistics, planning and packing, we have it all covered.

06. Look Around

Like a mother to a son, Diis supervises the running around project.

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